Our brand-new PILGRIM watch collection is finally here!

We are so excited and you should be too!

Create your own unique look and express your personal style with our beautiful interchangeable watch collection.

Twist, click and change the look of your watch and outfit in a heartbeat.

Tic toc – it’s time to find your new fave watch!

Find your new Pilgrim watch here

A watch is a jewellery with endless styling options. Therefore, a watch is extremely popular as a jewellery. Meanwhile, a watch also composes a central practical function in relation to see what time it is. At Pilgrim, we love watches, and in particular we like the many different types of styling options a watch can provide. Here, you really have the opportunity to create your own personal style. Here on the site we have collected a big selection of Pilgrim watches for women. Our selection is very wide, so we believe it is possible for you to find something suitable. Our watches are made with passion, and is always from high quality, so you are guaranteed a jewellery to last many years forward.

Classic design watches from high quality

Here on the site you will find a big and wide selection of watches from Pilgrim. Our collection of watches carry the stamp of variety, so that it is possible for you to find a suitable watch. You will find anything from the classic watch with a black strap, to gold, silver and white watches. Additionally, you will find straps in both leather, rubber and metal. There is something for everyone. No matter, which watch you like you are guaranteed a handmade piece of jewellery from high quality in the best Danish design. Our watches are equipped with Japanese quartz clockwork, mineral glass and is free from nickel to avoid allergic reactions or any other kind of bothering. While shopping new watch, you might also want to take a look at our selection of necklaces and earrings. With a new Pilgrim design watch, the options are many, and you can easily create your own personal style with our wide selection of watches and jewellery in general.

Jewellery with passion and soul

A jewellery is more than just a jewellery. At Pilgrim, we make jewellery with passion, heart and soul. We prefer to give you the opportunity to create personal jewellery, which will give you a unique look. When ordering at Pilgrim, we offer delivery right at your doorstep, and we offer you free shipping when you buy for more than EUR 40. You can read more about terms and conditions here. If you want to stay updated about news and offers, then sign op for Club Pilgrim. Order your new watch today and enjoy the gorgeous, classic design.