You can return the products you bought from either because you found a problem with the product or simply because you changed your mind.


Cases and Conditions of return

  1. Returns due to wrong delivery.

In all cases in which other than the ordered products are delivered through proven fault of, by type or quantity, then we send you the right product and we undertake any cost of transporting old and new product.


  1. Returns of defective products.

In case it is found that the product has a manufacturing defect, the following applies:

  • The return of the product to be replaced must be done together with all the documents that accompanied the product. (eg Retail receipt, etc.),
  • After the return of the product, the defect reported by the customer is checked and then communication with him regarding the results of the check,
  • If it is found that the defect is not due to misuse, the product is repaired or replaced. In case of replacement, the product will be replaced with a new one if it is available or other of the same technical characteristics after consultation with the customer.
  • It is at the discretion of our company to return the money to the customer in cases where there is no availability, or the product has been sold at a special price
  • You can return the defective product either yourself (the customer) at the offices of our company in Thessaloniki or via Courier
  • In case of return of the defective product via Courier, the customer is charged with the shipping costs to our company and our company is charged with the shipping costs of the replaced or repaired product.


  1. Return of non-defective products – Right of unjustified withdrawal by the customer.

You have the right to withdraw from the purchase / sale contract for the products you purchased from our online store, without having to tell us the reason why you wish to return them, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date you will receive the products. The deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days for the exercise of the right of withdrawal, starts from the next day of receipt of the products.

  • The withdrawal statement is exercised in writing or electronically by sending an email (email) to the address or by filling in the contact form that exists on our website.
  • Our company is obliged to send a confirmation that it has received the withdrawal statement as soon as it comes into its possession.
  • From the day you declare your desire to withdraw, you are obliged to return to us the products you bought from our store within 14 calendar days.
  • The cost of sending / returning the products to our company is borne by the customer.
  • In order for the return to be accepted, the returned product must not have been used, must be in excellent condition (as new) just before its sale, in its complete original packaging (box, nylon, foam, which are not they must have tears or damage / alterations) and with all the contents of the original packaging (instruction forms, etc.) as well as the retail receipt – invoice. Products that are sealed must be returned sealed.
  • A product that was sold with an extra gift will have to be returned with the extra gift, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the refund.



Money return

  • From the day on which you will exercise your right to withdraw, our company is obliged to return your money to you within fourteen (14) calendar days and after we receive the products.
  • In case you return all the products you bought (the whole order), then we will refund the value of the products plus the shipping cost in case your order was charged with shipping costs.
  • Delivery shipping costs are not refundable if the customer had chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by our company.
  • In case you return only a part of the products you bought from our store, then we will return only the value of the products you return.
  • The refund to the customer will be made by the same means as the initial collection.
  • In case the payment of the order was made through Paypal then the refund will be made through the Paypal service. In case the payment of the order is made by cash on delivery, then the return will be made by deposit in your personal bank account. In this case, you must provide us with your bank account number (IBAN). The first name as a beneficiary in the bank account must be the customer’s name.

The right of withdrawal concerns new products and not defective ones which are covered by their respective warranties and the terms of return of defective products.

The customer is liable to compensate the company if he made use other than that necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods. The determination of the nature, characteristics and function of the goods should be made on the basis of the information provided on the outer packaging of each product, as well as the additional information provided by the company and in any case without opening the packaging of the products and without use the good / product. The company is willing to inform the customer of any questions about the nature and operation of the products by providing additional information material electronically or otherwise. The company has the right to agree with the customer its compensation even with mutual set-off.

In case the products are returned damaged, used, without the security tape or incomplete, the online store has the right to demand compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and to proceed unilaterally and without any other total or a partial set-off of this claim against the customer.