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Home is where the heart is, and this spring we seek the world’s beauty and transpire it with the Pilgrim hand and heart, as The Homespun Wanderer.We embark on an everlasting journey that takes the wanderer throughout the world, while never losing the homespun identity and inner compass. Each piece in the collection captures and channels our journey, its hidden treasures, beautiful scenery, new friends and the good things in life.With a homespun heart and mind, we transform and reflect the beauty and wonders of the world, through the series Compass, Heritage, Poesy, Simplicity and Cherished.Explore our Spring collection here and get inspired for your own adventures to come!

New In from Pilgrim

New jewelleries are always a good idea. Here you’ll find our new jewellery designs – from subtle earrings and delicate necklaces to distinctive earrings and statement rings. You’ll find our latest jewellery designs right here, and you can choose from different kinds of metal and different styles. Have a look at our latest gold jewellery designs, our latest silver jewellery designs, or how about contemplating some of our latest rose gold or hematite jewellery? You can buy our ‘new in’ pieces for yourself, or spoil someone you love with a lasting present that will bring back memories each time the lucky recipient looks at it. All of Pilgrim’s jewellery is hand-made and designed in Denmark. It’s gold, silver, rose gold or hematite plated, and it’s all nickel-free.

Choose among several metals

Some people prefer gold, while others prefer silver. Some people prefer to mix metals, while others prefer rose gold. Metal preferences differ as much as jewellery preferences, and at Pilgrim you can find your favourite jewellery in gold, silver, rose gold and hematite. You can choose jewellery with or without stones and crystals, necklaces with or without pendants, simple finger rings or statement rings. At Pilgrim, we have everything – for you and for a loved one. If you have difficulty choosing which of our latest jewellery designs to invest in, why not buy several and mix and match them as you see fit?

Find your favourite among Pilgrim’s jewellery

It’s hard to resist glittery things, so prepare yourself to be tempted by Pilgrim’s latest jewellery. We cater to every need, style and taste, and it doesn’t matter whether you prefer the simple and minimalist or the more flamboyant. We can match it all with, among others, our latest necklace designs. With our latest jewellery, we have, once and for all, put a stop to not being able to find jewellery matching your outfit: Pair your ‘new in’ items with heirlooms and other jewellery to create your own personal style.

Free shipping on orders of EUR 40 and more

Pilgrim’s new pieces of jewellery are reasonably priced, but that doesn’t mean that we have compromised on quality, on the contrary. All of our different pieces of jewellery are designed in Denmark, they are hand-made and nickel-free. At the same time, they’re created with heart and soul, because at Pilgrim, we have a passion for jewellery and do everything in our power to create lasting, joy-bringing jewellery. Have a look at our great ‘new in’ selection on this page.

When ordering your new jewellery design from Pilgrim, we deliver straight to your doorstep, and do so free of charge if your order exceeds EUR 40. If you have questions about delivery or questions related to our jewellery, you’re always welcome to contact our Customer Service. You can also buy new pieces of jewellery at one of our welcoming stores. Find your nearest store here.

Pilgrim’s latest jewellery designs: It’s personal

By mixing your new jewellery with the pieces you already have, you can create a unique and personal look — a look unique to you. Choose your favorites from among our latest jewellery designs and wear them during the week or to parties, alone or flanked by other jewellery. We accommodate both a simple, subtle sense of style without too many details and a more conspicuous sense of style. We always keep our passion for jewellery in mind.