How to Care

Jewellery care & materials

At Pilgrim, all jewellery, watches and sunglasses are designed by a skillful team of designers and handmade with pure materials with care for our environment.

All jewellery do not contain lead and nickel. All jewellery are made on a base of brass or zinc, in addition, to that the metal rod that passes through the ear is made of surgical steel in all of our stud earrings. Last but not least, Pilgrim jewellery is plated with real gold or silver in order to obtain a high quality and the longest possible lifespan.

If you want to learn more about jewellery care tips and which materials Pilgrim jewellery, Pilgrim watches and Pilgrim sunglasses are made of, then keep on reading.

We would like to teach you more about how and with what kind of materials our products are made, so you know how to take care of gold plated jewellery and how to take care of jewellery in general to prolong their lifespan. Therefore, we have made some jewellery care instructions that will guide you on how to keep your jewellery beautiful as long as possible.


All Pilgrim’s jewellery is handmade by skillful artisans, who all make a virtue of being attentive to detail and conscious of quality. All jewellery is made on a base of either zinc or brass and afterwards the surfaces are plated with either real gold or silver.

In order to make sure that the surfaces of our jewellery stay beautiful for a long time, all jewellery get an additional top coating, which makes the surface strong and prevents oxidation. Oxidized jewellery is when you think of them as blackened jewellery or tarnished jewellery – and we want to help you prevent that scenario.

Pure jewellery

At Pilgrim, our aim has always been to make pure jewellery, meaning that all products are free from lead and nickel. This means that you can wear all our products without being afraid of having an allergic reaction due to e.g. nickel allergy.

In order to secure the pureness of our products, we have random tests carried out by independent agencies such as SGS or Force. In addition, we demand that all our suppliers guarantee and document that all products they supply to us are free from nickel.

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Take care of the jewellery

Cleaning silver plated jewellery and cleaning gold plated jewellery is very important in relation to keeping them beautiful for a long time. Many factors influence the durability of your jewellery, and therefore is it important to take good care of them.

How to take care of jewellery?

When you want to clean your jewellery, we do not recommend a special jewellery polish or jewellery cleaner, but simply a soft cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth.

If your jewellery has been exposed to any kind of humidity (e.g. water, sweat or smoke), chemicals (e.g. chlorine, perfume or hairspray) or imbalances in your body due to alcohol, medicine, stress or air pollution, you should clean it with a soft cloth. This is because these factors have the ability to provoke a chemical reaction in the metal, which can cause the jewellery to oxidize.

Prevent rapid wear

All gold and silver will eventually oxidize, and because Pilgrim jewellery is plated with real gold or silver, it will also oxidize over time. This means that it will look like blackened jewellery or tarnished jewellery. If you want to postpone this to happen, you should keep our jewellery care tips from above in mind, but you should also store them in the correct way.

To prevent your jewellery from oxidizing, it is important that you store your jewellery in a dry place. For the same reason, we do not recommend that you store your jewellery in your bathroom, as the high level of humidity will have a negative impact on the surface of your jewellery. We also recommend that you take off your jewellery when you sleep, shower or do sports.

We ask you to keep in mind that all surfaces plated with gold or silver eventually will oxidize and change appearance.


All Pilgrim’s watches are made with the best Japanese Quartz movement. The watchcases are made of PVC or of stainless steel, which are ideal bases for high quality platings. Some of the straps are also made of PVC or stainless steel and others are made of real leather, nylon or silicone.

All watches are equipped with mineral glass to improve the durability. Last but not least, all watches have long life batteries with a lifespan of 2 to 3 years.

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All Pilgrim’s sunglasses are designed in Denmark and made in accordance to our high-quality standards. They are the result of careful craftsmanship, which is easily seen in the hand polished finish and perfect fit. Our sunglasses are made with three different materials in relation to design and size: Acetat (handmade), PC or metal.

All our sunglasses have UV400 protection, are CE approved and fulfill all requirements for lenses in the EU and the US.